Richland Blues Style Picking Performance by David Hamburger

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In Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1, David Hamburger introduced you to the world of solo instrumental blues guitar with twenty progressive lessons in the essential steady-bass style. Now, with Fingerstyle Handbook 2, Hamburger provides a step-by-step method for playing solo fingerstyle blues guitar in the equally important alternating thumb or "Travis Picking" style used by countless contemporary and classic blues guitarists.

Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 2 shows you how to achieve the finger and thumb independence to go far beyond basic "pattern picking" so that you can set up a groove and play melodies, blues licks and chord fills over an alternating thumb bass. You'll learn how to keep your thumb going like clockwork while incorporating hammer-ons and pull-offs, ragtime-style syncopations and chord rolls into a variety of eight, twelve and sixteen bar blues in the keys of E, A, D, C, A minor and E minor. Each of the twenty lessons features a new fingerstyle blues tune that you learn and add to your repertoire.

Ideal for lifelong flatpickers, and the perfect companion course for David's Handbook 1, Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 2 provides a solid foundation and repertoire for playing solo fingerstyle blues guitar. Graduates of both 1 and 2 will be well prepared to take on Hamburger's more advanced New School Fingerstyle Blues course, also from TrueFire.

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