Richland Women Blues Style Finger Picking

Here's a great little video in which Dave, outlines the technique of alternating bass picking to get the country blues effect as in Richland Women Blues, by Mississpi John Hurt.

In Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1, David Hamburger introduced you to the world of solo instrumental blues guitar with twenty progressive lessons in the essential steady-bass style. Now, with Fingerstyle Handbook 2, Hamburger provides a step-by-step method for playing solo fingerstyle blues guitar in the equally important alternating thumb or "Travis Picking" style used by countless contemporary and classic blues guitarists.

Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 2 shows you how to achieve the finger and thumb independence to go far beyond basic "pattern picking" so that you can set up a groove and play melodies, blues licks and chord fills over an alternating thumb bass. You'll learn how to keep your thumb going like clockwork while incorporating hammer-ons and pull-offs, ragtime-style syncopations and chord rolls into a variety of eight, twelve and sixteen bar blues in the keys of E, A, D, C, A minor and E minor. Each of the twenty lessons features a new fingerstyle blues tune that you learn and add to your repertoire.

Ideal for lifelong flatpickers, and the perfect companion course for David's Handbook 1, Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 2 provides a solid foundation and repertoire for playing solo fingerstyle blues guitar. Graduates of both 1 and 2 will be well prepared to take on Hamburger's more advanced New School Fingerstyle Blues course, also from TrueFire.

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